Laghetto - Dolcevita Naked Pool Kit

Dolcevita in recent above-ground swimming pools, is the product which has best met the tastes and expectations of the most demanding customers.

The Naked version of Dolcevita is a product which, at the same, is easy to assemblefunctional and aesthetically customisable in order to be better integrated into any setting.

Dolcevita Naked is supplied without panelling but includes an eco-wood border and panel holders, all to create unique and highly personal aesthetic solutions.

242 x 42,4 x 4,41,21,39,6
252 x 52,4 x 5,41,21,312
353 x 53,4 x 5,41,21,318
363 x 63,4 x 6,41,21,321,6
373 x 73,4 x 7,41,21,325,2
484 x 84,4 x 8,41,21,338,4
494 x 94,4 x 9,41,21,343,2
5105 x 105,4 x 10,41,21,360


Your Dolcevita to be customised just how you want it

Naked is the Dolcevita version that you can customise. The swimming pool comes without panelling but includes an eco-wood border and panel holders, all to create unique and highly personal aesthetic solutions.


Eco-wood border – colour Tobacco or Grey

The aesthetic finish of this model of Dolcevita is achieved by an eco-wood border, matched with panels in hand-woven synthetic fibre over an aluminium frame. Between one panel and the next there are wooden panel holders whilst the corners are rattan. The Tabacco coloured eco-wood border matches the Coffee coloured panels. Available in Tobacco or Grey

Pool liner – colour White or Sand

Dolcevita’s prefabricated pool liner is made of the exclusive PVC-coated Trevira fabric. This highly resistant material is then subjected to an anti-UV treatment which, thanks to the use of special additives, limits the ageing of the material due to UV exposure. The Dolcevita liner has a tensile strength of 430 Kg/5 cm in accordance with DIN 53354 Available in White or Sand Colour.

  • Eco-wood border

  • Pool liner – colour White or Sand

Base for ground / sand assembly

Thanks to this base in special epoxy powder coated steel, the swimming pool can be assembled directly onto the ground, without the need for a concrete slab. The base can be accompanied by a certificate of mobility and the pool itself can be removed easily, for even seasonal use.

Summer pool cover

The isothermal cover reduces the day/night exchange of heat and better maintains the temperature of the water accumulated during the day. It can be left on during the day since the material allows the sun’s rays to pass through it. Edged, it is left to float on the water.

Winter pool cover

The green/black Light System Plus winter cover with elastic ties, allows the swimming pool to be hermetically sealed for all the months in which it is not being used and, therefore, together with the correct use of chemical products, allows the water in the pool to be conserved.

  • Base for ground / sand assembly

  • Summer Pool Cover

  • Winter Pool Cover

ZMSV-TEC Structure

The Dolcevita structure is made in epoxy-coated Magnelis steel (ZMSV-TEC technology). The feet of the framework and all the bolts are stainless steel. The pool is assembled on a reinforced concrete base or on a special steel base.

White LED spotlight

Each Dolcevita swimming pool, regardless of the finish, includes, as standard, the supply of one or two white LED spotlights on the pool liner. These spotlights combine unparalleled light output with extremely low power consumption (less than 8 W) and unrivalled durability.

Dolcevita Diva ladder

The Dolcevita Diva and Dolcevita Diva LTI swimming pools are fitted with a dedicated ladder, attached to the pool’s structure, with platform in eco-wood in the same colour as the pool’s facing. A plexiglass safety kit is available for this ladder model to prevent entry to the pool.

Pool vacuum cleaner kit

Like all Piscine Laghetto kits, the Dolcevita line includes a practical pool vacuum cleaner system – to be attached to the skimmer- to keep the bottom of the pool perfectly clean. This consists of a suction head, modular aluminium handles and made-to-measure PVC tube.

  • ZMSV-TEC Structure

  • White LED Spotlight

  • Dolcevita Rattan Ladder

  • Pool vacuum cleaner kit

Cantabric sand filtration system by AstralPool

The Dolcevita line comes with a Cantabric filtration system from the Fluidra Group as standard. Depending on the size of the pool and the number of skimmers, 3 models are available: Cantabric system of 6, 10, 15 m3/h. Highly professional systems with outstanding performance and reliability.

Cartridge filtration by Zodiac

As an alternate to sand filtration, Dolcevita can be supplied, as standard, with the eco-friendly CS cartridge filtration system from the Fluidra Group. 11 m3/h of pure power, extremely fine filtration and lower water usage.

Overflow skimmer

The exclusive, 360 degree overflow skimmer by Laghetto ensures the surface of the water is kept as pristine as possible. The circulation system has pipes with one and a half inch screw fittings, feed-throughs and shut-off valves in ABS.

  • Cantabric sand filtration system by AstralPool

  • Cartridge filtration by Zodiac

  • Overflow skimmer

Width: 2400-5400

Length: 4400-10400

Depth: 1200
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