Laghetto - Commercial Pool Kit

Laghetto Commercial Pools

Laghetto swimming pools are known throughout the world by the event organisers to be the only company capable of producing large pools, ready in a few hours, exceptionally rugged construction to withstand many different uses, even the most demanding. A fact which proves once again the strength of our product as well as the capabilities and versatility of our team of research and development.

Our technicians take advantage of the special occasion of each pool to test and improve the components and materials that are then used in the production of the series.

Special sizes available in models of above-ground pools in the classic production range, as well as all other models of pools including Dolce Vita.

The design capacity of our team of R & D is such that each type of product or bespoke custom design can be perfectly tuned to the demands of the buyers.

We have provided our pools for uses that we would not even have imagined and will continue to do so in the future because it is also based on these experiences that our technology develops and strengthens its indisputable advantage.